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5月份"Ultimas" Experience試玩活動 Ultimas” Experience Trial in May

於5月5日舉辦的"Ultimas" Experience試玩活動已完滿結束,所有參加者也十分享受與導師緊張刺激的互動交流以及與隊員間的決策過程。 看看不同的参加者感受和聯絡我們得到更多有關資訊吧! "跟匪徒談判是最有趣的部份,當中涉及時間安排、談判策略、隊友溝通和決策過程。非常一流的體驗。” - 康宏金融參加者 "突發過程以及射擊訓練令培訓更有趣。” 國際青年商會香港總會參加者 "團隊學習令當中每人也成長。” - 香港私募基金財務人員協會參加者
The last "Ultimas” Experience Trial has finished on 5th May 2016 and participants enjoy the impressive interaction with coaches and intense decision making process among their team! See what they have shared about the experience and contact us for further training information. "Negotiation is the most remarkable thing in the trial which make use of time management skills, negotiation tactics, communication skills and decision making process. It’s a superb experience!” - Participant from Convoy Financial. "I’ve enjoyed it a lot, especially the shooting experience and contingency handling.” - Participant from JCI. "Team learning, as a natural evolution.” - Participant from HKPEFA.

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